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by Alain Dwight

We desire the safety and productivity of high trust commons, so nearly everyone shares our instincts to some degree.

There is a significant subset of people within that also share our instincts regarding much of the “how,” but they were left moralizing and justifying because no one had yet codified the science of reciprocity, co-operation, and deconflation.

Those opposed to the “how” might be more numerous, but in the end, they want the same sort of commons that anyone else would desire.

They just don’t want to pay the price, and unfortunately for many of them they might not survive paying the price (those who expanded their underclasses beyond the capacity of their middle and upper to provide for will incur large losses when their free ride is revoked).

In that sense, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, the free riding isn’t viable long term.

This is the price for the productive to have a fighting chance.

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