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—“I follow American renaissance and they canâ??t figure why we do not demonstrate in group preference to the degree other so. — Philip Clark

Philip, this is a good question. Because it is not a single cause, but a group of environmental causes that produced greater ‘evolution’ in our race (subspecies) than others.

I can narrow down to these three groups of causes:

Population Scarcity Bias (Possible?)
Neoteny Bias (Certain)
Homogeneity bias. (certain)
Time under Eugenic Pressure (certain)

Socio Political
Time under Cold Weather bias (certain)
Time under Agrarianism bias (certain)
Time under Tripartism
Time under Sovereignty (Aristocratic Egalitarianism) (likely)
Time under micro-corporatism/manorialism (certain)

The Rise and Fall of the Empire, and resulting expansion.
The Plague(s)
Commercial bias (certain)
Time under own and in “Power” Bias (likely)
Christianity Bias (approaching certain)
((())) Alien Bias in the 20th+ Century.

A small homogenous population that survives the ice age is dependent upon one another for self defense, that must work together to divide labor to weather winters, that practices eugenics in every direction.

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