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Optional: the candidate can be alive or dead – choose per taste.
1 – Cut a large ‘bib’ into the flesh of chest to make a large flap to later close the bottom of the neck.
2 – Cut around the back of the neck and a one or two inches of the shoulders and back, completing the ‘bib’.
3 – Slit from the back to the base of the neck to the crest at the rear of the skull.
4 – Pull forward, peeling the skin off the skull. (Note: if candidate is living, assistants will be needed to hold the candidate in place.)
5 – Cook the head at a simmer for 90 minutes – any longer it will lose its hair. It should be 1/3 to 1/4 its original size.
6 – Turn the head, inside out, and scrape off any remaining flesh that may later spoil.
7 – Turn the head right side out, and sew up lips, eyes, back of skull.
8 – Fill with hot rocks to shrink the head further.
9 – Once rocks won’t fit, fill the head with hot sand to shrink it further. (Note: Some professionals only use repeated fillings of sand.)
10 – Fill with lightweight such as sawdust or dry grass, then sew the flap (bib) across the base of the skull.

That’s it. Have fun!!

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