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“We Can Teach You The Education That Was Denied You.”

—” Hi Curt … I was wondering whereâ??s a good starting point? I watched your YouTube with Richard Nikoley. I loved it. Especially when you two spoke about the election and empires. I donâ??t have a super firm grasp on grammar,logic, and rhetoric (The Trivium). Should I dive into those subjects first before diving deep into propertarianism? Or where is a good place to start on your reading list? Any thoughts will help. Thanks” —Bryan Baker

YOU LEARN IT BY UNPEELING THE ONION ONE LAYER AT A TIME. sort of like reading a fable, then a myth, then a short story, then a novel, then a historical novel, then a history, then the science. This is the only way to learn it – like we learn everything else. A layer of complexity at a time.

1 – Read the Short Overview by Eli Harman Here:

2 – Read Thru The Overview Here (This is most of it … there is a lot of material)

Overview of Propertarianism

3 – Watch the videos here:

4 – Take the classes when we start teaching them (before christmas).

5 – To build your general knowledge of the world: our reading list:

While you can ALWAYS learn A LOT from what we do here, it is a very big program that covers all the disciplines.


But this is why you do it:

“We Can Teach You The Education That Was Denied You as A Man.”

How Long It Will Take?

How long would it take you to learn to program a computer in an object oriented language? To study Calculus? To Study Accounting? To Study Economics? To study the law? Any technical discipline with itâ??s own methods and terminology takes about a year to â??learnâ??, two years to feel comfortable with, and three years to be effective with, four years to be creative with, and five or six years to master: the 10,000 hour rule. This is just a rule of thumb when discussing how long it takes for humans to learn anything at all. Some of us are faster and some of us slower, but in general, those who are faster can tolerate accumulating hours more so than those who are slower. But in the end, itâ??s hours.

That said, if you read the Short Courses and watch the Videos, in one month you will see how it all fits together, and in three months you will find that it has affected your thinking.

Our experience is that on average, if you read the articles, follow me, Eli, and a few others, that in six months you will â??understandâ?? everything we say. It will take you about a year to â??start thinkingâ?? in Natural Law â?? and thatâ??s when youâ??ll feel the explanatory power starts affecting your life. Then, sort of like a light switch, over a very short period of time, all human activity will â??make senseâ?? in very simple terms. â??Everything becomes obvious.â?

If you have come to Propertarianism through the usual route: Constitutionalist or Classical Liberal > Libertarian > Anarcho Capitalist > NRx > Propertarianism, then your progress will be much faster.

If you have studied one of the hard sciences so that you are familiar with the scientific method and scientific epistemology, then your progress will be faster.

If you have at least some understanding of accounting, finance, or economics, then it will be much faster.

If you have a background in philosophy â?? it might actually slow you down: most of philosophy, like most of religion, is nonsense or outright falsehood: fantasy literature.

(If you have abnormal behavior and youâ??re looking for justification of it, you wonâ??t find it here â?? you will find that there is a differences between tolerance and advocacy and abnormal behavior is not something that will be sanctioned in any society for long. Go see the left libertarians. They love deviant, selfish, anti-social behavior.)

But in general the more you know the easier it will be to learn.

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