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I separate the catholic church as a political organization, from belief in the supernatural and occult, from christianity as a system of alien myths and dogmas, from imitating person jesus regardless of the primitivism of words attributed to him, from the general need for simple people to escape the continuous judgement of self and others in a world where doing so by some standard other than selfishness is non rational.

What we call ‘christian’ is a semitic political religious dogma taught by a greek bureaucracy over an aryan social religious relationship between peoples and the world.

One is a member of the christian system of behaviors because he behaves more like other christians than he does members of every other rious order – not because what he thinks or believes. Otherwise all of christianity is false.

These are empirical statements – not justificationary statements.

Either you act in practice under the accumulated behaviors of our aryan, roman, greek, and semitic systems of thought, or you don’t. The degree with which you fantasize about it is merely a statement of your demand to insulate yourself from counter signaling by others.

Which is the reason for religion: counter-signaling our alienation with some form of mindfulness as our relative value to the polity decreases with political scale.

This is merely true.

God and the universe are one and the same. Jesus told us one set of rules that make us more compatible with the universe, and therefore god. These rules are the optimum ingroup social order. There is none other.

1) the eradication of hatred from the human heart.
2) the extension of kinship love to non-kin.
3) the demand for personal acts of charity and personal cost,
4) the extension of exhaustive forgiveness before punishment, enserfment, enslavement, death, or war.

If you practice these rules then you are acting in concert with the universe and god such that no other set of practices will produce a superior end for you or others.

That’s just the science of it all.

I don’t need woo woo. I am not afraid of my station in relation to others. I do not fear my betters – I welcome them.

The laws of the universe are the origin of truth aboutt hat universe. The natural law of human cooperation consists of reciprocity and the teachings of jesus.

Neither set of rules is complicated.

They are just so simple that they leave us no means of deceit by which to lie to ourselves or others.

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