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Good Deeds of the Day.

I provide light tech support for neighborhood people – mostly old folks out here in the sticks – and I charge “coffee, cookies, and a hug.” Few days ago a printer. Day before yesterday it was an iPhone. Yesterday it was our Theater (the building has a full on private movie theatre, and a full on bar/lounge with pool table). Every time I see someone carrying something I offer to help. Helping usually takes me 15 minutes. Makes the people absurdly happy (which makes me happy). Builds my local ‘rep’ as a good guy (if they only knew!) and banks some Karma (which I feel I need.) This afternoon I have a handful of home made fig filled bar cookies to snack on. 😉 Doing shit for people does make you happy. I know why. I know it’s purely programming, but it does work. 😉

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