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I worked to save my people from that false promise of liberty, and its baiting into moral hazard, by our ancestral enemy, under rothbardian libertinism. I was divisive in attacking rothbard and less so mises and hoppe.

But I didn’t punch right unless someone punched me first. Although, I have to confess when I felt the fascists were going to continue to us down after C-ville, I more than considered it – and rightly so.

Next, the New Right Wing Postmodernists came after me – seeking attention. Then Spencer came out with a quip, and then The Woo Woo Christians felt emboldened and rallied, and now the fascists are laying ground once again.

There is zero reason to talk about me. There is zero reason for infighting between:
– Fascists (rule of man by inspiration),
– Nomocrats: Rule of Law by science, and;
– Christians (Rule of Priests by woo woo).

If you want to criticize rule of law, rule of man, or rule of ‘religion’ then do so. I do. But then, if you personalize that attack by taking on ‘one of the right’ rather than the general rule, you’re just a click-seeking attention-whore, doing the right a disservice.

These are the three ancestral classes of our elites:

  1. Warriors, Soldiers (Masculine Defense),
    “Those who Fight (Father)”


  2. Judges and Governors(Cooperation), Burghers, Business, Farmers
    “Those who Work (Brother)”


  1. Priests and Public Intellectuals (Feminine Consumption)
    “Those Who Pray (Educate, Mother)”

And we use our three classes of elites to our advantage and we keep them incompetition to ensure that we can use each as needed.

At present all three classes: Fascists (Dominant Force ), Nomocrats (Practical Trade) and the Religious (Submissive Resistance) all all searching for a solution given that the Right Has Failed.

Now, I’m pretty sure that y’all got nuthin, because (a) there is no fascist leader of any ability and there won’t be until fascism is re-articulated in adult language, (b) religion of the christian type only survived as a wife to the aristocracy – and islam is winning the war of ‘monopolies’, And at present, christianity is past its expiration date – because without operational means of governing an educated population it’s irrelevant and relegated to either the bible belt, or providing comfort to the outcast and underclass in the rest of the country.

So only a fascist or a group of nomocrats are possible, and christianity has to simply pick one or both to bet on because christians have no answer – and frandkly appear ‘cucked’ and perhaps the source of current ‘cuckery’.

So as far as I know we need a fascist (strong man leader), nomocracy (rule of law by which to govern a complex polity), and christians as a block to move the body faithful out of a condition of failure.

It takes all three.

However, the only means of governing a polity is and always will be law and economic information, because they are the ONLY POSSIBLE MEANS of operating a polity of greater scale than a village congregation.

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