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Your counter proposition is counter to all logic and evidence, and that is that it is far more expensive to speak truthfully under due diligence than it is to spread falsehoods. Since the left spreads falsehoods faster than the right can correct them, and since the right is non-rational non-scientific purely traditional, moralizing, and religious in its arguments this not only means that the left wins but that without P the right continues to be argumentatively dead. And that is the lesson of the 20th c. That the industrialization of lying by media (propagandizing) was even more effective than the Pulpit. And that the right has continuously failed to put forth an argument. And the reason is that our traditional order is hostile to democracy since democracy is dysgenic, and aristocracy eugenic, and european shave been eugenic and aristocratic even under the dead weight of the church.

The economics of lying are what they are. The right lost. And continues to lose. Ther eis only one means of sovereignty, liberty, and freedom which is the organized use of violence by sufficient men to win, and the imposition of rule of law of sovereignty reciprocity truth duty and markets in everything that has been our historical method of competing against the lower trust rest-of-the-world.

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