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You’re punching against what you understand as trivial violations in loyalty or solidarity, because it’s all you have the intellectual capacity of doing. And because it’s the only thing others with the same limited intellectual capacity will respond to. What you aren’t doing is punching against the enemy and then defending yourself – because you lack the intellectual capacity and knowledge to defend yourself.

When you punch at Cantwell you’re jerking off. You would fold under pressure from the system. Everyone does. You would out people on your side who had undermined you. Everyone does. If you don’t t hink so you’re too inexperienced in the real world of real consequences to have an opinion.

You can punch at and Peterson (soyboys) for counter signaling ethnocentrism – despite the science says it’s the optimum. You can punch Molyneux (potential men) if he overstaps into denial. But punching Others for not taking the next step is just stupid. They are just a sales funnel for slowly dragging people into the fold.

I punch against ideas. I punch at specific libertarians and christians in general terms because they are allies of our ((())) ancient enemy. I try to avoid the punching right as much as possible unless someone punches me first.

Be smart. Be strong. Be an army.

Punch Left. Guilt Center. Don’t punch right.


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