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Britain’s cline is northwest to southeast from celtic to scandinavian to german, very much like india’s cline from northwest to southeast is caucasian to dravidian.

This is somewhat difficult to state with clarity in my opinion because the migratory peoples were largely germanic(R1a/b) with a mixture of Nordics I1 (northern proto europeans).

However, culturally, germanic (land) and scandinavian(sea) differences evolved due to adaptation to territory.

So in this sense west scandinavians are and were a german nordic mixture, east scandinavians (nordics), while continentals german, and east continentals slavic, with continuous grading between them. Britain certainly appears west eurasian (culturally celt), scandinavian (germanic continental and nordic mixture), and germanic continental.

However IMO the empire divorced the british from germanic culture, whether german or french, and created something quite new. This culture failed at home in the UK after the collapse, and the country is struggling to choose between empire, german, and scandinavian group strategies.

Meanwhile scandinavians are committing suicide faster than the rest of us combined.

(Please correct me if I err)


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