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—“Hi Curt

Can I share something with you..?

I’m trying to formulate some thinking around the implications of P … particularly in how Operationalism etc may relate to “individual well being”.

Background: I’m going through a difficult situation with child custody right now… A lot high stress exchanges, bad feelings, shaming, baiting by from ex wife, gossip in local community. (rrgsm)

However, I’m also getting a great deal satisfaction learning to incorporate testimonials into daily life. And it’s helping these immediate circumstances.

Seriously: Tell people to focus on ONE particular video “Propertarianism – Testimonialism: Epistemology”

Now, just thinking through some observations: As I shift my thinking towards P’s Operationalism and Testimonial epistemology…I’m finding a correlative shift of experience in my emotional states.

Quite strikingly so.

And I’m now wondering if there must be some direct causality between adopting the conceptual frameworks of P
and subsequent real time changes in neurochemical/cortical function. e.g. that using P in an daily capacity instantiates higher cortical activity and accelerates and reinforces optimum levels of cognitive performance. And I think it’s because modes of thinking with P causes adrenal “fight-flight” activity (and clouded judgement) to subside.

Somehow the INTERNAL COHERENCY of P seems to be a significant factor. So, does the multi-dimensional coherency of the conceptual approach (P) have some direct resonant relationship towards cortical functioning?

Has this angle been discussed anywhere? Do you think it is possible to describe the emergent neurochemical basis (that allows for clear thinking) but as a ramification for having adopted P (Operationalism and Testimonialism) in particular?


(Bill Joslin Explains)

Endocrine stress: P derived conclusions allow the hypothalamus to calm after acquisition (no more effort to needed to support or uphold the conclusion) – a high stressed CORT driven endocrine aligns with floating conclusions which require constant effort to maintain.

The RESULT being a stoic calm opposed to a stoic calm being the practice to achieve calmness: “Odin grants a hard heart”

FWIW: King of the hill learning might actually be a biological imperative for learning P as it’s an Adrenal (i.e. not CORT) driven process.

–Bill Joslin

( Curt: P => Stoicism. )

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