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(The Economics of Time) (core)

In positive ( market ) competition we compete for the seizure of unseized opportunities (potential capital), by increasing the time content of the products and services we offer whether by price or quality.

In negative (anti-market) competition we compete for the seizure of previously seized opportunities, thereby stealing (decreasing) the time content (existential capital).

Capital consists of a store of time produced by human actions.

When we divide labor we decrease the time demand for production.

In the via negativa, we do not produce more, we increase the rate of production in time.

All of economics is the study of time and energy just like all of physics is the study of time and energy. The difference is that universe can’t choose, and because we can remember, act, sympathize, and cooperate, we can save time.

In this sense we are not wealthier than our pre-language ancestors, we have simply made everything drastically cheaper by cooperating and saving time, first in production and second in the form of capital: stored time.

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