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There are strong christians and weak christians; good christians and bad christians; honest christians, and dishonest christians; committed christians and convenient christians.

We represent: the truth, a constitutional reformation, and insurrection to demand it, is terrifying to bad christians.

Why it confronts their insignificance and lack of conviction to do what is required to be significant.

If you won’t fight you are insignificant. You have no conviction only cowardice.

The truth is enough, but you can’t bear it. You can’t bear it because you can’t bear the shallowness of your conviction and the absence of your significance.

The compromise is Truth in Faith and Truth in Law, or defeat of faith.
The compromise is a christian nation or a christian minority.
The compromise is a rule of law monarchy or no strongman.
The compromise is a rule of law nationalism, or predatory socialism.
The compromise is a rule of law market for classes, or pretense of democracy.

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