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by John Mark

Christians need us. They cannot and will not save themselves. (In the sense of producing sufficient resistance to the Left.) And they know the Left seeks to destroy them.

This gives us leverage and the ability to garner their support: “We are the only ones who can save you. You will not have a “Christian-run nation” until Jesus comes back. You don’t have the power to make it happen. BUT together we can ensure you and our shared (family/conservative) values survive. On the other hand, if we don’t work together (if you don’t support our rule-of-law that punishes evil as the Bible commands), then Christianity as you practice it will be outlawed & you will lose everything you value. Work with us (support our solution), you survive, and our shared family/conservative values survive. Refuse to support us, and you lose everything.”

We say this knowing that after the shakeout their religion will continue to die and will be the “crazy uncle” of the Right in the meantime. And the negative effects of their universalism will be nipped in the bud by Propertarian law.

We can communicate this in a palatable manner: “We have many shared values. You can’t win on your own. Too many people will rebel against a “Christian nation”. However, a sufficient number of people will accept a “Propertarian nation” with no consumer interest, no corrupt politicians, no special interests controlling politics, rule of law enforcing reciprocity, many social policies determined more locally, etc.

Your support is valuable to us in making this a reality and doing Romans 8 “punishing evil” better.

Let’s do this.

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