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—“I want to ask a question … if youâ??d be so kind. Do you make the contention that Christianity(Jesus) was a trick by the jews in order to shackle the goyim?”—Hugh McVey

I make the contention that saul was trying to produce an heroic literature for the jews(christians) of his own sect, that could compete with Homer’s Iliad (the trials of achilles), which was the dominant ‘religious text’ of the greek world.

I think that when the many ‘priests’ of the greek world were looking for a means of resisting greek (then roman) rule and thought, they found they could rally people with that text, and they all produced some version of it.

I think once it became possible to use this movement as did marxists and postmodernists use the movement in the modern world – to obtain power – they did.

I think that they did what they are doing today which is then destroying the academy, the arts, the letters, with this nonsense supernatural propaganda in the ancient world as with pseudoscience in the present.

I mean, they TORTURED and MURDERED the greek philosophers in athens until all left. By 512 they’d outlawed teaching of philosophy, imprisoned, tortured, murdered, or banished every philosopher in athens.

We are just in ‘christianity version two’ right now. and you’re trying to apologize for the first version – and the thousand year dark age we still have not shaken off our people.

I think you’re ignorant and it’s not your fault. But once you are aware that you’re not only wrong, but harmful, it’s your responsibility to stop.

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