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So far the only outstanding argument is whether metaphysics exist in the plural(languages) or singular (physics), and hopefully I will get to that one in the next week or so.

But in general, you’re going to be wrong on ANY criticism of P. You’re going to be wrong on possibility of successful revolution under P. You are probably wrong on the desirability of the policies I’ve recommended under P. You might not be wrong on whether I am pitching the best government under P. You are most likely right that the demographics are such that we need ideology and religion in addition to law.

I did my job. But please stop wasting my time.

I mean all you (the idiots) are doing is proving my point that public speech should be limited to that under which due diligence has been performed.

Because you’re no different than the enemy and their lies. Because you use the same technique as the enemy and their lies. Undermine western civilization because you are addicted to lies.

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