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—“But given his style of functioning, and his excessive dependence upon a few members within his team who lack intellectual depth and political acumen, this was but expected.”—

But that is his strategy. And this is why it succeeds. He is forcing responsibility away from the USA and reducing our management of world affairs. He is demonstrating the political and military weakness of parties, eliminating the political cover previously provided by the USA. He is disempowering the ‘deep state’ (particularly the state department) not only in the USA but in europe, and forcing the weak parties to take responsibility, work together, and produce results, or be exposed as illegitimate, purely symbolic, and useless to their polities.

His mission is to end USA’s need to carry other’s water in a world where we no longer hold 3/4 of the world economy to pay for it. And it is against the allies interests to take that responsibility and be exposed as illegitimate.

The states are now nearly fully autarkic. Time for the world to grow up into adults and take responsibility for reciprocal protection of world patterns of transport, law, finance, and trade. We are still withdrawing the american wing of the british empire, and we will and must continue to. It has no value any longer. It’s a dead weight cost.

Iran has chosen to build an empire rather than a state and no one in the region is going to tolerate it. And the only reason it still exists is the ‘hope’ that the regional powers will mature enough to contain it so that we don’t pay the same price to domesticate the middle east in the next decades as we have in the past, or eurasia in those previous, or the colonial world before that.

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