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—“Is it more wise if youâ??re seeking long term profit and savings to Invest in â?? X â?? business or company and then take profits into savings without touching them OR invest in â?? X â?? business or company and put profit into business for rapid growth to increase monthly or annual earnings to save more annually. Which strategy is more effective for long term capital growth and saving?”—

The best way to achieve wealth is to run an smb, roll your profits back into growth, and sell the business at peak value to someone larger than you are. I always plan on who I will sell a biz to before I start one.

If you cannot get into a position where you are seeking rents on other people’s money through a continuous stream then just save it in hidden (offshore) or returning (real estate), and let a little bit ride in the market and in bonds.

There is no investment that you have more control over and more likely returns than your own business.

However, this is not a talent everyone has. So reinvest if you can, save if you must.

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