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Continental vs Scandinavian vs Anglo thought, (vs Latin and Orthodox thought for that matter).

—“It’s just been a challenge suggesting to [Curt] that declarative constructs are not how morality is actually processed.”–Josh Jeppson

It’s not how it’s processed. I agree. Its however how it is CALCULATED.

(a) this is forever going to be a debate between occult semitic supernatural, the continental(german) phenomenalistic and the scientific (scandinavian) anglo, and as far as I know tells us nothing other than the amount of time under semitic (church) influence (rule) and the demand for obedience between island (scandinavian/athenian naval security), and territorial (germanic/spartan army vulnerability), or the imperial (Roman Anglo/Germanic-American power confidence)

(b) So the demand for Scientific Rules of Dispute resolution (American), Conformity of Values(Scandinavian), and Conformity of Thought value and deed (German), is determined by the environment for certain. By habituation (tradition) over time out of consequence. By genetics over longer time by rates of reproduction and eugenic suppression.

(c) And while we EVOLVE a system to satisfy that demand (cheap law of engineering, more expensive law of norms, and very expensive law of thought word and deed), the system of rules one implements need not be limited to the means under which it evolved, any more than reason, measurement (math) and science (testimony) need be limited to those who evolved it.

(d) My understanding is that one writes law (science) by calculation, one teaches norms (public experience) by imitation of rules, and one indoctrinates into thoughts (education) by parable. ie: Specific Formulae, General Rules, Loose Parables.

(e) we develop ‘values’ in response to internal trust and external security. These are adaptations. A russian, a Pole, an Italian, a Frenchman, a German, a Dane, an Anglo, an Australian, and an American develop values suited to our condition. However, we assumed these are CHOSEN, and we assume their method of communication must be non-rational. Neither is true.

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