But Curt, We Need A Book!

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—“…a book”—

[L]ame nonsense

That’s like saying you need encyclopedia britannica instead of wikipedia. P consists of topics just like an encyclopedia. Instead of being in alpha order it’s in dependency order from metaphysics (the grammars) thru group strategy.

Link to > Basic Concepts
– The Overview (argument)
– The Topic by Topic “Short Courses”
– The categorical index for topics in the sidebar.
– The search engine for exploration.
– The reading list as a bibliography.
– The glossary of terms.

There is no “P for Dummies” nor is one possible.
So consider the current content an IQ test.
If you can’t, then you can’t, so it won’t matter. 😉

The problem with the book is that it is still two books the first of which is over 800pp.

So I will publish the tome when it is ready. But if you can’t pass the P IQ test with the existing material – the book isn’t gonna help you.

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