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Testimonial arguments consist of deflating and disambiguating deceitful, fictional, ideal, analogical, ordinary, formal, logical, empirical, statements into complete sentences stated in operational vocabulary and grammar (eprime), that survive tests of consistency and therefore coherence in the possible dimensions of human cognition, including categorical(identity), consistency (logical), correspondence (empirical), existentially possible (operational), rational (voluntary), reciprocal (reciprocally voluntary) dimensions, scope (full accounting and limits).

Any statement or set of statements or arguments that cannot be reduced to such operational vocabulary and grammar and pass such tests cannot be subject to truth claims, since the information (knowledge) necessary to testify that it is true does not exist.

The purpose of this grammar, like math, formal logic, algorithmic logic, accounting, is to expose ignorance, error, bias, wishful thinking, loading, framing, suggestion, obscurantism, fictionalisms of supernatural, ideal, and pseudoscientific), and outright deceit in claims to truth or goodness (morality) of propositions, and to prohibit such claims in commerce, finance, economics, law, politics, and the academy under law, thereby enabling the citizenry to use the negative market of the law to prosecute for profit those who engage in informational harm to the commons.

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