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The problem with judging people’s personality traits – including IQ – is enough sample data. If we could use IQ tests to hire with we’d eliminate all IQ debate because it would be so obvious that in income, most jobs are not IQ dependent other than to share cognitive relations with people you work with – and so IQ is a minimum, while the rest of our traits decidable.

When I was very young all of us on the management team were all required to learn personality profiling so that we could manage people better. We had to profile all the people in the company and compare them, just by talking to people. And the ceo would test us against his collection of ‘cards’ on people.

Best training I ever had in life.

IQ does the same. I can judge people … pretty closely after talking to them a while. But IQ is just another personality trait so it’s the package that matters in most things – except the very hard things.

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