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I am a conservative libertarian, in the anglo western tradition of sovereignty.

I have spent a very long time on truthful speech, and its embodiment in the law, and the use of the law to reform our people, by defending them from abrahamism in ancient monotheistic (judaism, christianity, islam), and present totalitarian forms (marxism, socialism, postmodernism, feminism).

My understanding of perfect government for my people is rule of law, monarchy for the spiritual, aesthetic and cultural, the middle class for economic, and caretaking of the less able – Of Our Kin and Kin Alone. My understanding of the optimum means of deciding the distribution of resources is dependent upon the state of development of the people. But that in general, democracy has been harmful if not deadly to western civilization, because it has no use other than to decide the spoils of war and conquest. Otherwise, the monarchy has the optimum long term incentives, the middle class the knowledge and optimal incentives for the commons, for the private sector, and the church and academy are not to be trusted with the education of our people without even greater suspicion than the ordinary common and financial and bureaucratic criminals.

Now, I have ‘engineered’ a set of solutions and a means of implementing them that when common people hear them, they will have a hard time resisting them, other than the restoration of voluntary disassociation, self segregation, secession, and self rule.

And I have ‘engineered’ a candidate means of insurrection that will force the government to capitulate to these constitutional changes, or to lose all political, comercial, and military influence both domestic and foreign.

Now, of course, I could be wrong about the veracity of the solution or the likelihood of success of the plan. But that requires informed criticism not uninformed opinion.

There is no competing solution offered by any other person l living other than surrender to the onslaught, and the resulting south-americanizing of the states, and the resulting south africanizing of our people by violence.

What you hear is ‘if we just try to inspire people’ (as if every generation before hasn’t done so), or maybe we will have some prophet or hero save us like a Stalin, a Hitler, or Saul of Tarsus, or maybe people will ‘awaken’. But … those are ideas one cannot criticize because they are not plans. They are what we call vacuous statements.

So here is the thing.

There are people on the right who are cancer, because they have nothing to sell or offer other than pleading words and demands for attention.

You’ve already seen how Richard is a second hander jumping on the CVIlle rally and ruining what was a good idea. You’ve seen Josh and company as second handers moving from me to richard. You see how many other second handers coming out of the woodwork to try to capture the attention John Mark is creating.

And you can probably very easily tell the difference in IQ points between the nazboi fanboys, the churchybois, and those of us who are arguing for an actionable plan.

So the truth is that if y’all wanna get involved with the trailer park crowd I’m happy if that works for you. Please do. But I’d rather motivate the frustrated majority over moral, economic, and political reasons than try to continue our march forward with honorable people rather than people who are second handers who repeatedly fail, and who do nothing but poison the well by being a magnet for clownworld criticism.

I’m a conservative libertarian. I agree with the continental position on ingroup ‘national socialism’ as the french and germans meant the term, not as how the jews, marxists, russians, and anglos use the term, as meaning heavy investment in kin and commons, and the prohibition on parasitism, rents, and privatization of commons and socialization of losses.

But I disagree with the continental reaction against aristocracy, and monarchy, and the continuous production of intergenerational noble, middle class, and working class families.

Backward people can use authoritarianism to catch up with more advanced people. Superior people can use markets to stay ahead of all other people. However, we must run our markets free of commercial, financial, economic, political, academic, and informational parasitism and harm.

Zero tolerance. Every man a sheriff. The eternal persistence of our people. Militant and aggressive prosecution and punishment of the slightest imposition on our people.

But any ass clown advocating authoritarianism assumes that the authoritarian wouldn’t be even worse than the markets – is by definition too stupid to listen to.

Germanics want another savior. I have no idea why. Anglos don’t need a savior. We have been working in kin-corporations for over fifteen hundred years.

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