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Ok. Basics? Here are the basics.


1 – Via Negativa: Law. (Force) Here is what you may not do, and we will punish those who do otherwise.
By: Military, Judiciary, Sheriffs.

2 – Via Positiva: Propaganda (Persuade). Here is what we should and should not do – and we will undermine those who do otherwise.
BY: Academics, Priests, Public Intellectuals, Media.

3 – Via Permutatio: Reciprocity (Exchange). Here is what we offer in exchange, and what you will miss out on otherwise.
By: commerce, entrepreneurs, merchants, craftsmen, laborers

That’s it.

I”m the first (the law) and the third (policy). this means you are your own sovereign person.

Leftists are second and third.

Nazboi’s and Traditionalists are the second.

You notice that you don’t hear a PLAN from anyone else other than ‘faith’. Or a means of administering and operating a society.

All you get is words.

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