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Um. The Black sea is origin of indo european peoples and the evidence is pretty clear. But all west asians are related, with lighter and fairer in the west, darker in the east, and bigger nosed in the south.

Minoans were indigenous europeans.

Greek common people were indigenous europeans (old europe -west black sea – metal workers). As far as I know the greek aristocracy (dorians et all) came from the north.

The early anatolians(hittites) could have come trough either east or west passage.

Evidence is very clear that the black sea, caucuses, caucasian-iranic caspian, to afghanistan and northern india and into mongolia (turkic) provided a gradient of west asians exiting the ice age as distinct racial groups.

(africans, west asians, east asians, dravidians, southeast asians – I tend to classify dravidians as a distinct race not only because of size and geography because it’s hard not to.)

Today india is 70-30 to 30-70 caucasian to dravidian in a progressive spectrum from north to south. I prefer to treat india as a race, civilization because it is an injustice to do otherwise.

I don’t understand the indian origins thing. it’s like the nazi fantasy. (although there was an element of truth to both). I do understand that the indus river civilization was early and optimum – but also that it was wiped out. It is this constant difficulty with inability to defend itself that makes me wonder about what I see as the excellence of hindu ‘religion’ (‘way of life’) vs inability of self defense.

Similar to germany whose philosophy is nonsense but whose ability to defend herself is amazing. I mean, conquering india requires little more than ‘showing up’.

Why? India survives like russia survives: scale and climate. There is no value in expansion for indians so there is insufficient militarism.

IMO the problem is that the unification was a mistake, and that many states of india would be superior if organized like many states of europe. Just as america would be superior if organized like many states of europe.

There are some very difficult questions here to answer and the optimum cultural method (‘the way’), and the optimum means of self defense (The opposite of the way) and the means of communicating them (myth, philosophy, law, science) … seems almost unresolvable.

But as always I am still working at understanding india, because she is the ‘outlier’ among the great civilizations, and as far as I an tell it is because of the lack of need or want of conquest.

And I don’t like the ‘it’s all colonialism’s fault” because history says “it’s the inability of india to organize against conquerors” that’s the problem.

Just as I say, “The west is defeated by the same abrahamic deception in the modern world as in the ancient. So is it our fault for allowing it again? Or the fault of abrahamic peoples for exploiting our weakness? The man in the mirror is the man at fault.”

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