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—“…does propertarianism have representatives?…”—

Speaking in ignorance is speaking in ignorance. Opening in ignorance with confidence is arrogance. If someone asked me to review your work I would do it before commenting.

1 – â??Propertarianism consists of the completion of the Scientific Method; its application to the totality of human knowledge; a universally commensurable language of all thought; their embodiment in the common law of tort; and as a consequence the eradication of superstition, pseudoscience, sophism, fraud, and deceit from the commercial, financial, economic, political, and informational commons.â? …. â??Propertarianism completes the Wilsonian Synthesis.â?

2 – With strictly constructed law of reciprocity (natural law) it is possible to create any given political order – transparently.

3 – The optimum form of government depends first, on the level of the development of the population, and its demographic distribution. Second, on whether one is at war or behind (authoritarian), operating under ordinary conditions (meritocratic), or operating under windfalls (redistributive).

4 – A “Perfect Government” (ideal) consist of a militia of men of genetic and cultural relations (shareholders), an army consisting of professional warriors, an independent judiciary demanding universal application and granting universal standing in matters of the commons, an hereditary monarchy with and executive professional management (council), an independent treasury, houses for each of the classes, and one of a various number of schemes for authorizing the distribution of proceeds in the production of commons by the council.

5 – Perfect governments are not always possible or valuable, since there is very little evidence that political participation on the part o the population is superior to the judgement of the monarchies. Worse, markets for political influence are the enemy of the people. Which is why the population must retain rights of standing in matters private AND common.

6 – The principle difference in propertarianism is the extension of demand for warranty of due diligence on one’s speech from specific commercial to all commercial, financial, economic, political, legal, and academic speech – thereby making it impossible for the supernaturalisms, pseudosciences, sophisms and denialisms of marxism, postmodernism, feminism, judaism, and islam to exist without punishment by any and every citizen wishing to do so. christianity is a special case because while it is nonsense, the underlying ethics of christianity expressed scientifically is not only reciprocal, and thereby adherent to natural law, but optimum since no alternative prisoner’s dilemma strategy is superior.

Decentralization, Separatism, Nationalism, definancialization, depoliticization, voluntary disassociation, restoration of our high trust polity, and all done by simply creating a market for profiting from the prosecution of falsehood and reciprocity in courts.

Continuous superiority, by continuous velocity, by continuous agency, by the combination of sovereignty and reciprocity, truth and duty, law and jury, and markets in association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, and polities.

Restoration of our group evolutionary strategy: maneuver.

At 10,000 feet, that is propertarianism. But that is only 10% of it.

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