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@Mark Wright

When you get your panties out of the bunch, and cease being offended when something is over your head, and not spoon fed to you, then you might consider manning up and trying the hard work of mastering any of the logics. 😉

There is no grammar of the full scope of language that is more ‘clear’ than propertarianism. However, the training necessary to make use of that language precisely is non trivial.

Ideology must be accessible to normies. Philosophy must appeal to intuitions. For those of us who do science, we understand that training is required. The reason being that anything sufficiently decidable to be labeled a ‘science’ must be reduced to a method of calculation (grammar) within which statements are ‘well formed’ (adhere to the grammar) such that they are decidable independent of appeal to intuition(philosophy) or sentiment (ideology).

Learn to learn from your betters. They must invest in you. They way you compensate them for investing in you is sufficient respect and attention that it’s not a waste of their time.


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