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—“calculating 40 years/generation would set a birth date for Odin to be around 100 – 150 AD.”—

(Color me skeptical.)

—“These indications adequately supports Snorris story of the Asas fleeing for the Roman forces to seek new land up in northern Europe – in Svitjod. But most importantly, the existence of a people called Asas living by the Black Sea around 100 BC – 100 AD can now be confirmed.

It seems plausible that the Asas really could have emigrated from Azov/Asgård around 60 BC, and that a human named Odin could have existed in Scandinavia or northern Germany around 50 BC.

But it certainly does not match the Anglo-Saxon genealogy, as we have seen.
So, to answer the question whether this adds up to support the Asa-peoples emigration from the Black Sea is rather easy:

The simple truth is, it does not…
Thus it seems we have two different approaches for identification of a human being, named Odin, that span at least 200 years apart. It just do not match…

How can this be solved?”—

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