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—“….libertarians believe….”— Libertarian Party

0) Everything you subsidize will increase in consumption thereby increasing the overall proportion of productivity used to consume it. The only question is whether like engines of the animal, mechanical or digital categories, they produce higher returns for doing so – or not.

1) Libertarianism persists fallen angel version of man vs the risen beast, slowly domesticated by the violent imposition of demand for reciprocity under that law we call tort. Findings of Law, Legislation, and Regulation do in fact limit scams and frauds. … and ….

2) … so the problem is not law, and regulation, but the inability of the consumer to judge the product delivered to him, and the use of redistribution to compensate those who engage in fraud that takes advantage of that ignorance.

3) This is an example of a common (infantlie) libertarian trope:that the consumer can possess sufficient information to avoid irreciprocity, and that the insurer of last resort should not force due diligence in the service of the market by those who might abuse asymmetry of info.

4) Jewish law, which is the source of left libertarianism, only enforces the demand for volition,and not warranty. European law, which is the source of liberalism, enforces reciprocity and warranty. There is a reason for the historical incompatibility, of the two ethical systems.

5) We are faced today with not only the difference between Anglo classical liberal and reciprocal, germanic reciprocal proportional, french authoritarian socialist proportional, jewish voluntary unwarrantied, but now Islamic Authoritarian irreciprocal law of conquest.

6) Libertarians are wrong. Whether they are wrong because they are infantile, or wrong because they have parasitic preferences is immaterial. There is only one source of liberty: sovereignty and reciprocity, truth and duty, the law of tort and jury, violence and defense.

7) Sovereignty exists in fact. Liberty by the permission of the sovereign. Freedom by the utility of the sovereign. And sovereignty has but one source, and that is the organized application of violence to deny all other alternatives.

8) Welcome to the revolution. Those who fight will have sovereignty not liberty or freedom. Those who do not fight will have none.

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