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—“Do you have any ideas on how to stop Civil War? Or is it inevitable and desirable in your mind? .. Do you have any thoughts as to how that can be done, without civil war?”—Stephen Wells

I think it’s inevitable unless we devolve the federal government.

My intention is to make a clear set of demands (constitutional reformations) that are actually preferable to the majority, and then to make demand for them great enough, and the threat of revolution serious enough, that revolution is not necessary, and these are adopted.

The problem is nothing I propose is all that complicated and most of it is known, but it will deprive media, academy, state, and financial sector rent seekers of their status and wealth, and so it is not possible to enact these rules by any other means than revolt.

The anglo model succeeds because it requires only modification of the law, not the people – that is the virtue of rule of law.

So we have had many ‘revolutions’ in the anglo world but none like the french.

However, if we need a french revolution here – we will have it.

And yes I will revel in it.

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