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So you see, the reasons the west could not defeat the rise of pseudoscience (marxism) and sophism (postmodernism) and denialism (feminism) is because of:

(1) we spoke in religious, philosophical, and moral middle class language, and;
(2) because our group strategy and reason for success is eugenic,;
(3) our organizing principle is actually our law (martial and judicial class) and tripartism, not our philosophy(middle class) universal or religion (administrative class) universal;
(4) we lacked understanding of our organizing principle and its difference from other civilizations; had no practice in using it against administrative and middle class moralisms, sophims, supernaturalisms, and pseudosciences, and;
(5) universal enfranchisement in a single house majoritarian democracy is logically and empirically counter to the tradition of our law (sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty), our group strategy (sovereignty, tripartism, commons and eugenic evolution).

In retrospect it isn’t complicated but in the process it was chaos.

But now we know. Truth is enough.

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