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You see, you think people have agency. That the rider dominates the elephant. But I undrestand very clearly, that developing agency depends on the biological ability to do so, the market demand to do so, and the discipline to do so. So I see the elephant as a very simple machine, and the rider (consciousness) as a tool with which the elephant identifies opportunities, negotiates cooperation and executes conflict. In other words I see all we think and do as JUSTIFYING the elephant. And that very,very few of us are fully human and able to transcend the elephant. And that propertarianism is a means, like stoicism, like mathematics, of transcending the elephant – or rather COMPLETING THE TRANSCENDENCE OF MAN.

It is only really becoming clear to me that the time I spent on artificial intelligence – realizing that at the time it was a dead end – is the enormous advantage that I have over my philosophical contemporaries. And it is the reason that Searle and Hayek have been so ‘right’, and why I hope to make people understand that Turing, Chomsky’s application of turing, Popper and the operationalists were so close.

All learning is continuous recursion. Epistemology and neurology are the same subject.

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