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Um. Let me help you. This is what modern revolution looks like from the outside:

  1. Rapid continuous runs, disrupting infrastructure.
  2. Disrupting transport, commerce, trade and first responders.
  3. Starting fires, breaking water and gas, mains.
  4. “Deplatforming” academics, the media, and politicians.
  5. Watching the ‘urban plantations’ collapse in chaos.
  6. Lots of barbecues, parties, and other celebrations with many new friends. Pretty much all the time.
  7. All the Loot you can carry.
  8. Commandeering a new vehicle to transport it – and you.
  9. Getting paid 250k each to go home.
  10. Telling fish stories about your adventures until you’re old and grey.

And of course, there is the alternative of the status quo.

This is what revolutionaries around the world are doing. They are not trying to get control of government and to use it for territorial expansion.

Because the era of 4GW is here, and the Peace of Westphalia has ended, and the western way of war cannot concentrate forces on men in sneakers, flip flops, among the citizenry.

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