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by Bill Joslin

I don’t want a prophet or an equivalent. I don’t even want a leader.

I want to be able to put gas in my truck without having to check if that’s going to cut into our grocery bill.

I want my Daughter to have a lifelong home – but at more than $200k a year we can’t afford in Toronto, because it would take 25 years to pay it off – and we only have about 20 left it us.

I’d like my daughter to be able to form a family and properly care for it without it demanding 60 hour work weeks from both parents (and to the point above – take an entire lifetime to pay off)

I’d like my phone and data bill to not be the second highest investment I make every month (costs as much as a car payment)

I’d like to go a day without having to defend my race, ancestors and culture to my daughter due to nonsense thrown at her daily.

I’d like a future for my progeny that contains happiness which doesn’t resemble a Pyrrhic victory.

I don’t want the future to look back at me, mine and my generation with resentment and regret (like I do to boomer et al) but with respect and inspiration…

And I want the path to achieve this to not require me to turn into a monster to change the course of our civilization.

I don’t want the genocide which is on our horizon.

( It leads to human extinction.)

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