Curt Doolittle updated his status.

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1 – The bug in the “Apply” course has something to do with bad data. Apparently the underlying code is very unforgiving of changes to the courseware content – meaning, that it doesn’t clean up after itself very well and breaks if you aren’t logged in. That said, hopefully I’ll get this bit up and running shortly.

2 – The difficulty with the home page’s text on mobile is going to try my patience. I will fix it when I have patience. I don’t have patience right now. In fact, I have to go to the studio and fix the over-complicated-overpriced-oversized theatre’s audio visual stuff at the moment which is gonna end my patience for the day. lol

3 – Apparently I’m going to get the proposals for the WAR courses rather shortly.

4 – I heard from KMAC on the Group Strategy Course material and he says he’ll look and get back to me. Either way I’m pretty sure he will review the material for us.


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