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—-“AFAIK, right now, you need more than motive (“incentive to deceive or defraud”) to prosecute.”—B Quimby

You need harm and motive (incentive). You need an involuntary imposition of costs against a demonstrated investment of another(others) – harm. You need means, motive, opportunity. The current argument in legal reform, is that you also need intent or failure of due diligence in order to prevent the police, prosecutors, and judges from driving you to self incrimination.

—“Your position would sound a lot stronger to me if you demonstrated awareness that your epistemological standard might be incomplete, and in spite of this, that you are willing to sacrifice truths that don’t fit said standard.”—B Quimby

As far as I know propertarianism (in total) is epistemologically complete.

That is in no small part because it is falsificationary (via negativa) not (false) justificationary (via positiva), and as such all via positiva (possibilities) are the result of free association and all ‘truth’s survival from competition. In other words, you dont need to excuse your possible worlds (imaginings) just warranty that you have performed due diligence against ignorance, error, bias, wishful thinking, fictionalism, and deceit.

—“Or, just demonstrate awareness that dogma can be harmful too, but that you are making a conscious choice to be dogmatic, b/c anything less will breed more harm.”— B Quimby

Dogma requires a via positiva. Science and law are only via-negativas. Like many people, y’all want a religion or a philosophy instead of a science, logic, and law. I don’t do via-positivas like philosophy and religion. I just do via negativa: what is false and immoral. That leaves universes of non-false, non-immoral possibilities. The question is, why do you want false and immoral possibilities?

Science(actions), logic(words), and mathematics (measurements) are not dogmas. THEY FALSIFY THEM.

Propertarianism (vitruvianism, acquisitionism, propertarianism, testimonialism, and the algorithmic natural law) is not a religion, a philosophy, or an ideology or a but a science, logic, system of measurement, and body of law – and not a dogma. IT FALSIFIES THEM.

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