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—“Curt engages in Overloading”—


Rhetorical “Overloading” requires forcing appeal to intuition. I do the opposite.

I seek to ELIMINATE the possibility of appealing to intuition and force decidability by knowledge and reason.

It’s called exhaustive argumentation.

The fact that you are overloaded and CAN’T appeal to intuition and I don’t ASK you to, is the opposite of the technique of overloading to cause appeal to intuition. .

I agree that I engage in overWHELMING. But ‘overloading’ requires one force another to appeal to intuition rather than reason. (this is why sophism works).

If you had the vaguest idea how important my work is you would not make these errors of equality of action rather than inequality of consequence.

For example, the fool says ‘violence is bad’, and the wise man says ‘violence is a resource put to ends good or bad’.

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