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We “white folks” have our own derogatory class names for each other – and lots of them. The “forbidden word” for our ex-slave community members is the equivalent of what we white folks call our fellow ‘trailer-tr-sh’.

Similarly, if you look up all the pejorative names for different racial groups, you can divide them into classes (I would do it here but it would be banned.)

The point being, that our complaints are mostly that of class and difference in group behavior at the lower end, and the similarity of class behavior at the upper end.

I mean, at island 120 you start getting close, and by 140, as long as you’re an aristotelian not a theist, people around the world are pretty much the same, because they are far less dependent on imitation and consensus and far more so on falsification, knowledge, and reason.

Now, they still tend to follow their own signals, so what is good and traditional to a group remains the same. But it is possible to cooperate fairly easily at the top – which is where the cooperation occurs: on behalf of the people who are not at the top.

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