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—“I have a law degree and i still don’t understand.”–Shane Mark

If it wasn’t excruciatingly difficult, someone would have done it before me. Instead, a host of intellectuals during the late 19th through mid 20th tried and failed. But since that time we’ve had computer science (existential) instead of mathematics (ideal), and cognitive science (existential) instead of psychology (pseudoscience), and economics (real) instead of sociology (pseudoscience). There are lots of shoulders of giants to stand upon in the late 20th and early 21st when I’m working.

It’s possible to create strictly constructed law on one hand that is testable by computer software, and a chain of dependency that is testable by computer, and to provide the law, prosecutors, lawyers, judges, and the jury with a set of tests for truthful speech – which cannot be performed by computer.

Law of tort is quite good really. Legislation and regulation are reasonably good in the anglo (common law) tradition. We just need these tools, universal standing in matters of the commons, thereby ending disintermediation by the state, and providing a via negativa means of competition (court) in addition to the via-positiva means of competition (markets).

Now, increase the definition and scope of property (see property-in-toto) to the full suite of things that people act to invest in producing whether by expenditure of forgone opportunity, or expenditure of time, effort, or resources, (including manners, ethics, morals, norms, commons, capital et all) and it is very hard for special interests (and usurpers) to survive. And even more so, nearly impossible to seek rents (more on that another time.)

  • Eradicate false and ir-reciprocal commercial, financial, economic, political, and informational speech in the commons.
  • Restore libel and slander.
  • Prohibit baiting into moral hazard in the law.
  • Replace copyright with creative commons.
  • Eliminate consumer interest (yes, really, and it’s not hard).
  • Privatize (contract out) all bureaucratic functions.
  • Replace private pensions with public (they aren’t possible anyway in current and future economies)…. meaning adopt the singapore model of ‘involuntarily buying insurance to protect your peers from your late age poverty’.

Much, more detail, but all of it is rather ordinary.

I can’t write twenty pages here but just take it for granted that I’ve worked through these ideas in painful detail.

We can depoliticize, de-propagandize, eliminate fraud and deceit in every aspect of public life, restore the civic society, halve the time people must work to pay off homes, drastically reduce the cost of education, and dozens of other great improvements and all it will do is end parasitism by the political, bureaucratic, and financial classes.

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