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by Adam Voight

You are watching colonialism being replayed right in front of your eyes. This is exactly the same process as we find with the early Modern Period.

China will end up owning “too much” of Africa, and people will use their voting power to bail themselves out, and there will be small wars to prevent it.

Colonialism is perfectly fine, since it benefits everyone concerned, primarily the colonized.

This is why Australia and New Zealand are both currently colonies and yet also two of the best nations to live in.
This is why Canada is better off than the USA, Canada gets all the fringe benefits of being a colony with none of the costs, such as having to pay for own self-defence.

Africans will beg us to come liberate them, but that will also be a waste of time.

Gosh, I recall when I first started arguing with Curt Doolittle, I also thought that colonialism was like the f-ing Original Sin.

In reality, it was almost as bad as what came before.

The reason why people pretend otherwise is that they need something or someone to blame their problems on.

Like really, people if you have been independent for as long as Japan, Korea, or China, then your problems are your own.

That’s what it means to be sovereign. If you still have problems, then maybe independence is not for you.

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