Economics of Consumption Is by Definition Leftist

[S]overeignty demands Reciprocity, where demand for Reciprocity includes all demonstrated interests, whether bodily, family, physical, normative, traditional, informational, or the civic and political institutions that defend them.

To reinforce the intuition that productivity isn’t observable with a bit more edge: westerners produce commons that other people cannot produce, and we do by NOT DOING evil: lying, misleading, cheating, stealing, free riding, corruption, as much as what we DO: Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Truth, Duty, Heroism.

So economists (all of whom are leftists) only measure individual consumer goods, not the production of commons: truth, honesty, integrity, contract, quality, civility, responsibility – which is what makes western civilization unique.

We don’t live in a world where there is a problem of consumption – we have just enabled the world to stampede on a path to hyper-consumption – even of the commons we alone can make, which made their hyper-consumption possible.

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