28 February

Leftism = Hyperconsumption = Cancer

LEFTISM = CANCER The Left: “Individualism”: Maximum Generational Consumption. The Right: “Familism”: Maximum Intergenerational Production. The Left, quite literally, replicates biological cancer in informational, social, political, and civilizational cancer. Be …

28 February

What Does White Mean?

(possibly controversial post warning)(This post covers genetic differences in neoteny, cognition and personality between geographic groups, and between the sexes. Stop reading if you are concerned you would be offended.) …

26 February

Russell’ S Paradox Isnt.

ussell’s Paradox (a version of the liar’s paradox), is not a paradox, it’s an ill formed statement (Grammatical error) because it failed the test of continuously recursive ambiguity – which …

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