Abrahamism as Lying to Distract from Evolutionary Denialism

by Martin Št?pán and Curt Doolittle

[S]tephen J Gould was posing as an evolutionary biologist where in reality, he was an evolutionary denialist.

Liars all: Gould, Boas, Freud, Marx, Adorno-Fromm, Friedan, Derrida, Cantor-Bohr.

These people are all evolutionary denialists. Every single one of them. That’s what separates them from the european intellectual tradition, and why they were wrong about everything.

Why do you think they evolved at the same time as Darwin, Spencer, and Nietzsche?

Why do you think you have control over the lies your telling now, or that any of these people had control over the lies they were telling?

In order to prevent falsehood, we categorize lying as not trying to lie, but as not performing due diligence against lying.

If you try to justify a prior – you’re lying. What science did these people do: Gould, Boas, Freud, Marx, Adorno-Fromm, Friedan, Derrida, Cantor-Bohr.

The scientific method exists to stop you from a justifying a prior, a cognitive bias – or a group’s mythology.

They didn’t do any science. They made it up.

Abrahamism = Evolutionary Denialism.


Curt Doolittle
Martin Št?pán this segue of yours sort of completes the picture as the female strategy against evolutionary reality. I mean in the end that’s what it’s all reducible to – evolutionary denialism.

Bill Joslin
the incentive towit, raising children that may or may not be evolutionarily viable i.e. compensate for thoughts of infanticide and or, protect malinvestment

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