Getting to Your Personal Epiphany


—“I feel you are missing the archetypal experience description. I get that that could be included in testimonial but feel empirical science/lawful testimony and mystical testimony are two different functions.”—Bill Smith

Try again. I can sense something there and I probably know how to answer it but I’m not sure.

—“Scientific experience is summarized in scientific testimonial which leads in the direction of expressions of empirical natural law. … Mystical experience is expressed in poetry, the development of religious structures that send one down a destination-less path and manifestations of the ephemeral like the Runes. … I believe they are different things requiring different metrics and modes of expression and experience.”—Bill Smith

Correct. The question is, must they be coherent compatible and commensurable even if they are expressed in different grammars: deflationary-scientific vs inflationary-poetic. And my answer is yes. There is no reason for conflict. And it is this conflict that undermines our civlization from within.

—“If you’re saying what I think you’re saying I’m about to tear up due to the truth you’re conveying… as I’ve never known anyone else who did or even could communicate that fundamental lack intrinsic to our culture.

That was a powerful experience.

Actually I think you might have broken me. At least … I hope you did.”—Bill Smith

Broken means bad? lol.
What does that mean?
I’m scared.

—“Broken as in the change in conscious experience of reality due to a distinguishable event or experience but is dependent on previous works or studies.”— Bill Smith

Ok. “a moment of sudden revelation or insight.” Revelation, Epiphany, Paradigm Shift.

(Good. I don’t have to feel guilty all day now. lol -hugs.)

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