Countering Chinese Propaganda

[I] posed a map of the nine individual countries within the chinese empire, as a comparison to the nine nations of north american empire, and the twenty odd nations of europe in the EU’s attempt at the long standing French project of a european empire.

This is a copy of the thread. It’s a back and forth between someone in china and me. My point was to test whether they would ban my account rather than tolerate the truth. it worked. But it’s evidence of how russia and china both use trolls to protect the internal narrative.

—“This is why westerners shouldn’t have opinions”—?????Rainbow flag?? @sunkiisss

This is why chinese shouldn’t have western technology. 😉

—“You mean gunpowder, paper and CRISPR? Fucken dumbarse, no wonder America is in decline”—Henry Yin @healingbyhenry

I mean truth-before-face, rule of law, jury and testimony, independent judiciary, science, medicine, industry, and technology you beg, borrow and steal from us. … We did more in 400 years in the ancient world and 400 years in the modern than you did in 3000 – and we had a dark age in between.

—“Information belongs to everyone, not just the west.”—

That is communist chinese propaganda. Does that mean your ancestors who kept the secret recipe for porcelain should not have?

A thing belongs to those who use strength to maintain their ownership. We don’t use strength – Because we wanted to end your primitive barbarism. We didn’t conquer you because we were Christian. We ended your poverty by letting you steal our technology because we are Christian. We had Christian faith that once you failed at Communism you would no longer be barbarians.

We were wrong. You remain barbarians.

This means we must eventually war and end your barbarism. You are animals. You are filthy. You make disease and plague. You lie like thieves about everything. You steal everything. You allow children kidnapped, women raped,and people run over by trucks in daylight and do nothing.

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  1. It’s a shame because my first impression WAS that Chinese and East Asian immigrants to the West are pretty good models for how the right might prefer immigrants behave, and I always thought that it might work out with us and them. They seem to stand with us in their political discourse, and most far-right people online who are non-white tend to be East Asian. The furthest-right person other than myself at my grad-school is East Asian. But as always, the prevalence of their spying (due to their inability to invent anything) and their lack of what we call “basic sanitation” mean that even in this case, we must exclude the Other.

    This just shows that there is really no possible case in which race-mixing can work on anything but individual scales(assuming it might work there, but not really sure even in that case). On the level of national policy, it is now shown to be a a crippling lie from which the only recovery is to abstain.

    But not to worry; remember how washing hands and using hand sanitizer made people express more conservative views on surveys? (I think it’s in Haidt’s “The Righteous Mind”.) This pandemic will make all future elections a slam dunk for the right in every nation of the world. It’s almost like the Tenth Plague of Egypt; a sign from God that miracles can happen; future generations might well celebrate this as the far-right equivalent of Passover.

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