Disambiguation of Government (Bankruptcy)


  1. Military > State > Government > Commons > institutions-organization
  2. Rule of Law > Law > Courts > Contracts > Biz-trade
  3. Strategy+Tradition > Religion+Education+Academy+Media > Families/Consumers > People-consumption

State (corporation holding assets)
1. Federal State -> Federal Government
2. … Regional State -> Regional Government
3. … … Territorial: County Corporation -> County Government
4. … … Market: Local Corporation -> Local Government

If a state declares bankruptcy the creditors get screwed all or partly. The state has demonstrated incompetence in the management of state affairs, and then the creditors will seek higher interest rates in the future, and after a cycle or two governments ‘learn’ partly because they have evidence of the consequences after bankruptcy and no evidence prior to bankruptcy – just as we now have evidence of immigration, diversity, monetary policy, and democracy – evidence of failure seems to be necessary to prevent repetition of human hubris.

The state as a monopoly on violence is evidently false because it was a construct of the westphalian peace. At present it’s falsified, just as it was prior to the westphalian peace. In other words it was always false.

The state is a corporation. The institutions organize the use of assets. The owners of that corporation consist of a small number of people willing to use sufficient violence to prevent alternative organizations of institutions and assets. The people who govern may or may not constitute sufficient violence to do so.

Usually they don’t. In china they do. In russia they do. Because the fear of chaos in those countries is the opposite of the love of opportunity in NE European civilizations. – something the rest of the world cannot comprehend – because they never developed trust or commons … as we did.

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