People Just Need a Binding Narrative and Mindfulness

Jan 31, 2020, 7:12 AM

People Just Need a Binding Narrative and Mindfulness. They do not have to come from the same sources.

I just stick with (a) jesus’ teaching is reducible to five points, (b) the ten commandments are just the law of tort, ( c) and europeans don’t need to lie about either because we’ve always practiced sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, jury, tripartism, and aristocratic egalitarianism. It’s just that each of those ideas takes a standard deviation higher intelligence than the semitic religions to grasp. And that’s the net of it right there.

There is no evidence people need faith. It’s a normative conclusion. People need a binding intergenerational narrative. It must have an embedded ambition. But most of the world did quite well before nonsense-religions. Ancestor worship and buddhism for the east, and ancestor worship and stoicism for the west are obvious examples.

Jesus fits into the indo-european trinary religion just fine and if he had been included into the pantheon we wouldn’t have this problem – but the semites wanted to undermine the great, joyous, greco roman empire (and persian, and egyptian..) with a mandatory authoritarian universalist religion so that they could encourage (warring, lying, cheating, malicious, awful) middle eastern tribal people.

But judaism succeeded by separatism, and christianity failed among tribal people, and islam evolved out of a christian sect into a conquering rather than undermining version of abrahamism.

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