On Spirituality (Try to grok it)

On Spirituality (Try to grok it)
Hmm. Spirituality isn’t magic. Nor is love, nor Consciousness. These are biological processes that serve biological functions, for evolutionary reasons. The “Church” Fireside feast experience is necessary in post-
tribal world but false religion is a drug that isn’t good for you.So, yes science can explain spirituality, but that explanation differs from the experience just as the science of colors differs from the experience of colors. We evolved a biological demand for ‘mindfulness’ across a spectrum of conditions. The question is how we satisfy demand.

An historical religion, a dramatic religion, even a mythical religion where we pay the same debts to the past satisfy demand. But just as heroin is a substitute for sexual addiction to a partner, theological religion is a
substitute for addiction to the polity – to very bad ends.

And I use that analogy for very specific reasons. Because that is the closest analogy. Membership, Friendship, Joh, Sex, Love, Spirituality, Mindfulness, are causally related. 50 how can we produce mindfulness in all those conditions without the externalities of false religions?

And conversely, why did the christians resist, suppress, and violently eradicate the joyous religion of the ancient world, and the secular evolution of philosophy (libertarian), stoicism (masculine), epicureanism(feminine) – to drag everyone like islam to equality at the bottom.

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