“Curt, What About Socialism”

Apr 16, 2020, 10:32 PM

Define how you use the term socialism. I’m assuming you mean european socialism (french-german) not jewish socialism (jewish russian).

Socialism means state control of the means of production.
Mixed economy means using the borrowing power of the state to strategically finance what the private sector cannot or will not.

My opinion is the same as most major economists – that the state does not capture the proceeds of those investments and return them to the common people.

My opinion is that we should finance repatriation of all non-trivial industry AND automate the heck out of it, and that the state should take non-voting interest in these companies and demand dividends as income for the people.

My opinion is that the financial sector is predatory and that consumer credit should be purely statistical and direct from the treasury eliminating all rent seeking from the financial sector.

My opinion is that liquidity necessary to generate demand should not be distributed to the financial sector for credit multipliers, but as cash distribution directly to citizens that business and finance compete for.

My opinion is that education is largely wasted income other than the high end stem fields, and that all other schooling takes one year to two years non-resident at most.

My opinion is that teaching and research staffs should be separate corporations with separate controls, and that phd and research programs should be well funded and largely state funded.

My opinion is that the military used to fund basic research, and that presently, basic research must be faked under medical or non-military, when in general the state should treat investment in research as a venture capitalists, seeking returns for the polity in longer time horizons than other peoples.

My opinion is that the best education in the world should be offered to all citizens from the best educators in the world, and that this should be a continuous process, and it should cost almost nothing (200 per course or something)

My opinion is that if universities admit students that if the student doesn’t compete two years or transfer the university eats the money. And that the university carries the loan entirely, even if the loan is borrow by the university from the government.

My opinion is that if we did this we’d be back to one income households just fine.

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