Don”t Blame the Beast for Being a Beast

Apr 22, 2020, 4:47 PM

—“We could use a whole lot less of these types in America. Years of Marxism brainwashing and social engineering through media/Hollywood has made many forget what made us great in the first place. Also what keeps us going as a people and world powerhouse.”—Western Man @Fight4TheWest

if you give rats a rat-utopia this is what they’ll do. Women and underclasses do not have centuries of vocabulary, bodies of thought, norms, traditions, institutions, to domesticate their impulses once freed from household labor, any more than men did freed from hunter-gathering.

Don’t blame the semi domesticated animal.
Blame the trainer who is a rare domesticated animal.

We’re to blame.
Aristocracy is bred like horses.
And we failed to make an aristocracy of everyone without doing the breeding first, or developing the training first, before letting them out of the stables.

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